New visual identity of Jazz Estonia doffs hat to twists and turns of jazz music

Jazz Estonia has unveiled its new visual identity, brought to life by graphic designer Jorven Viilik. The logo and typeface for the visuals were created by award-winning Estonian typographer Aimur Takk, who is based in Switzerland.

The previous logo and visual identity, which were devised by its partner agency Refleks, focussed on the domain. In fashioning a new identity, the aim was to shine the spotlight on the Jazz Estonia as an organisation and to use visual language to establish effective starting points for the strategic goals the union embodies. To this end, in spring 2020 seven graphic designers were invited to take part in a competition, which was won by Jorven Viilik.

CEO Ave Tölpt says that the union was looking to forge a visual identity that would support all of its facets. “We’ve grown into quite a capable representative organisation and centre of excellence, and we also organise concerts in Estonia and internationally,” she said. “With our new look we’ve brought all of that together under the one umbrella, and there are lots of directions we’ll be able to take that in further down the line.” Tölpt added that visual identity always says a lot about the story of the organisation behind it. “We feel that our updated visuals not only bring out the characteristic features of jazz itself, but also support our attempts to move forward as a stronger organisation,” she explained. “We’ve been developing all the time, and that needs to be supported by appropriate content and appropriate language.”

The graphic designer behind the union’s new visual identity, Jorven Viilik, describes the visuals as modern, rhythmic and playful and as a doffing of the hat to the colourful twists and turns of jazz music. The typography of Aimur Takk’s logo eschews classic constraints, and in graphical terms the letters are as abstracted as possible so as to create room for interpretation.
Jorven Viilik is set to continue as the graphic designer for the Jazz Estonia, with limited-edition merchandise (including hoodies emblazoned with the union’s new graphics) going on sale in autumn. Keep an eye on the union’s Facebook page for updates.

The new logo can be downloaded here.

Fore more information please contact:
Anni Metstak
Head of Marketing and Communications |


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