Jazz present to Europe: Estonian jazz reaches Finland

To celebrate the first Estonian presidency of the Council of the European Union and the centenary of the Republic of Estonia, jazz concerts organised by the Jazz Estonia and Jazzkaar will take place in Belgium, England, Finland, and Germany. In November, Estonian jazz will reach Tampere Jazz Happening festival, where three Estonian bands will be performing – Kirke Karja Quartet, Kadri Voorand & Mihkel Mälgand Duo, and Heavy Beauty.

Tampere Jazz Happening takes place 2-5 November. Being one of the oldest Jazz festivals in Finland, this year’s festival is the 36th time it is held, and it has also just been awarded with the European Jazz Network Award. Tampere Jazz Happening is devoting 2 November to Estonian jazz music with Kirke Karja Quartet, Kadri Voorand & Mihkel Mälgand Duo, and Heavy Beauty on the festival stage. In Tampere Jazz Happening, a stand for Estonian jazz and Jazzkaar introducing Estonian jazz music and festivals will be up from 2-5 November.

A young and energetic Estonian pianist Kirke Karja will perform in Tampere Jazz Happening with Kirke Karja Quartet. The pianist won the Young Jazz Talent Award in 2014 and is attracted by dramaturgical developments and extreme compositions in jazz and music, on which she works at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Doctoral Studies. The quartet’s debut album “Turbulence” includes a wide range of emotions and sounds, embracing influences from classical, ecstatic jazz and minimalism.

Kadri Voorand is a known Estonian vocalist and a composer. Mihkel Mälgand is one of the most musically active bassists in Estonia. Together they form a duo that mainly plays original pieces for the piano, bass and voice, which gives room for improvisation and is decorated with airy electronic effects. Lyrics compose of both Estonian poetry and original texts.

The centre of the powerful Estonian-Lithuanian jazz-rock band Heavy Beauty is a bass saxophone – a rarely used instrument with a beautiful and gentle sound. Internationally known Lithuanian saxophonist Liudas Mockunas is just the right man for controlling the moods of a bass saxophone and with him on stage will be guitarist Jaak Sooäär, bassist Henno Kelp, and a percussionist Andrus Lillepea.

Organised by the Jazz Estonia and Jazzkaar, the aim of the project “Jazz Present to Europe” is to introduce the original Estonian jazz creation and musicians at prestigious European festivals. To introduce our music and celebrate the centenary of the Republic of Estonia, the jazz present will reach Belgium, England, Finland, and Germany.

The project “Jazz Present to Europe” is made possible with the help of Estonian Tourist Board of Enterprise Estonia, Estonia 100, the Estonian Ministry of Culture, the support of the Estonian Embassy in Helsinki, and the devotion of Estonian musicians.

Jazz friends can find more information about Tampere Jazz Happening concerts by clicking here.

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