mai, 2018 LIVE: Uno Naissoo 90 / Tõnu Naissoo Hammond Trio21:00 NO99 Jazzklubi, Sakala 3, Tallinn


Jazz Estonia wraps up its 14th season with a tribute to Uno Naissoo who would have
turned 90 on 25 March. Uno Naissoo was an Estonian musician, composer and a teacher
whose numerous original songs are part of the Estonian jazz music elite. Uno Naissoo has
mainly created pop and jazz music, he's composed hundreds of songs and numerous pieces
for ensembles and orchestras, but also for choirs, wind and folk instruments, children, films
and theatres. The most popular among the last ones is music for the film Viimne reliikvia
which he composed together with his son Tõnu Naissoo.

Tõnu Naissoo Hammond Trio will perform in the first half of the concert. The trio has been
active with small breaks since 2011 when their first physical recorded album called A Time
There Was was released. In this concert we will hear music from that album as well as from
the group’s new album. In addition, there will be a few themes from the rock and pop music
classics. Tõnu will complement the Hammond organ by using the Moog and ARP synthesisers.

The band:

Tõnu Naissoo – Hammond organ, Moog and Arp synthesisers
Danel Aljo – soprano and tenor sax
Ahto Abner – drums
Beloved Estonian jazz musicians take the stage in the second half of the concert. This
performance of Uno Naissoo's best hits of all times will be inspired by the spring winds of the
21st century!

The band:

Ivi Rausi – vocals
Laura Põldvere – vocals
Vladimir Võssotski – keyboards
Mairo Marjamaa – sax
Tõnis Tüür – double Bass
Ramuel Tafenau – drums



The concert will start at 9 p.m. Restaurant is open before the concert begins.
You can book a table by sending an email to or phoning +372 660 5051.

An advance purchase of the ticket can be made from GateMe and tickets are also sold on-site. Advance purchase ticket price is €7, preferential price is €5, on the spot accordingly €10 and €7. Preferential prices apply to schoolchildren, students, teachers, pensioners, owners of the Jazz Car Wash loyalty card, members of the Jazz Estonia, and people who visited the NO99 Theatre the same night.



(Reede) 21:00


NO99 Jazzklubi

Sakala 3, Tallinn