märts, 2018

23mä LIVE: A Tibute to Melody Gardot21:00 NO99 Jazzklubi, Sakala 3, Tallinn


Marianne Leibur – vocals
Siim Aimla – sax, flute
Anna Regina Kalk – guitar
Janno Trump – bass guitar
Ramuel Tafenau – drums

The group got together in order to perform the works of a New Jersey born singer Melody Gardot. The singer started writing songs at the hospital because music was the most effective therapy for her. By now, she already has four studio albums (Worrisome Heart, My One and Only Thrill, etc.). In the concert, the group will intertwine the fragile sound of Melody Gardot with their own musical thoughts. Siim Aimla, Anna Regina Kalk, Janno Trump, and Ramuel Tafenau are on the stage. The melodies of Melody Gardot are sung by Marianne Leibur who studies at the Estonian Academy of Music and Art under the supervision of Kadri Voorand.


The concert will start at 9 p.m. Restaurant is open before the concert begins. You can book a table by sending an email to or phoning +3726605051.

An advance purchase of the ticket can be made from GateMe and tickets are also sold on-site. Advance purchase ticket price is €7, preferential price is €5, on the spot accordingly €10 and €7. Preferential prices apply to school children, students, teachers, pensioners, owners of the Jazz Car Wash loyalty card, members of the Jazz Estonia, and people who visited the NO99 Theatre the same night.


(Reede) 21:00


NO99 Jazzklubi

Sakala 3, Tallinn