veebruar, 2019 ja Võru Jazziklubi LIVE | SPAR20:00 Võru Jazziklubi, Petseri 20, Võru



Raul Sööt – saxophone

Aleksander Paal – saxophone

Reigo Ahven – drums

Heikko Remmel – double bass


S.P.A.R. is not a discount ensemble to which an ignorant first glance might refer (german “sparen” – save, economise), but a creative grouping that likes to practice collective artistic free breathing. It is like an ideal environment for any kind of activity where boycotting proposals in the bud has been replaced by an unspoken promise to exhaustively experiment before putting the idea on the shelf.

This, in turn, has led the well-known Estonian jazz musicians Raul Sööt (tenor saxophone), Aleksander Paal (alto saxophone, episodically soprano), Heikko Remmel (double bass) and Reigo Ahven (percussions) into the fluid of a unique musical no-man’s-land, where equal status is not only a good sounding expression on a programme sheet.

Music is determined only at the level of the rules of the game – the course of the game is sensitive not only to acoustics but the lives of ours and yours in every possible form. That is why we can say straightforwardly: each concert of S.P.A.R. that you hear, see, feel and take with you, is unique.


The concert starts at 8 p.m. The concert is held in Stedingu Cafe. The number of seats is limited.

Pre-sale tickets are available at Stedingu Cafe and tickets can also be bought on-site. You
cannot make a reservation without buying a ticket. Ticket price is €5, for free under 12 years
of age.


(Reede) 20:00


Võru Jazziklubi

Petseri 20, Võru