september, 2018

28sep21:00FeaturedEST FRA Jazz Fest: Le CoOn (FRA) & David Chevallier Trio (FRA)21:00 NO99 Jazzklubi, Sakala 3, Tallinn


LE COON (France)

Francois Badeau – diatonic accordion
Elie Dalibert – alto saxophone
Mateo Guyon – percussion, vibraphone

Le CoOn was created in 2013 and is a group combined of three musicians who appraise
different aesthetics. The harmony of diatonic accordion, saxophone, drums and vibraphone
arises a landscape of music that resembles to film music.

It’s an ensemble which is influenced by traditional, pop and improvisational music. Their
music offers the listeners an instant and intense musical experience.

Le CoOn performs in Valga jazz club WALK on 26 September and in NO99 jazz club on 28


David Chevallier – 6- and 12- stringed acoustic guitar, banjo
Sébastien Boisseau – double bass
Christophe Lavergne – percussion

The trio, set up by the French guitarist David Chevallier who is recognized in both the
classical and jazz music field, presents to the audience an exciting mix of jazz folk music and
electronic music.

A repertoire of original work is presented, it’s from the trio’s album Second Life released in

The famous double bassist Sébastien Boisseau and the percussionist Christophe Lavergne will
be taking the stage alongside David Chevallier.

EST-FRA Jazz Fest

The French-Estonian jazz festival EST-FRA Jazz Fest will be held in Estonia for the first time
this September. The festival brings together two cultures and five distinctive ensembles to
create a cross-cultural jazz fusion. The festival takes place on September 26-28 in Estonian
cities, it connects the music and tastes of France and Estonia and celebrates the beginning of a
new collaboration with Nantes Jazz Action. The concerts will be held in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu,
Valga, and Võru.
Three unique French jazz ensembles will be performing at EST-FRA Jazz Fest: David
Chevallier Trio, Colunia, and Le CoON. The French ensembles will be joined on stage by the
acclaimed Bad Habits Trio and talented young gypsy-jazz trio Titoks from Estonia.

The first volume of EST-FRA Jazz Fest took place in March 2018 in the city of Nantes,
France, where Kadri Voorand Trio, Peedu Kass Momentum, and Jaak Sooäär & Aleksei
Kruglov 4tet performed alongside local French artists. On September 26-28, the follow-up
festival will be held in Estonia: three ensembles from Nantes will be warmly welcomed to
Estonia to perform and run workshops in various cities.

Festival program:
26 September at Valga jazz club WALK: Le CoOn (FRA) and Titoks (EST)
26 September at Võru Jazz Club: Colunia (FRA) and Bad Habits Trio (EST)
27 September at Tartu Erinevate Tubade Klubi: David Chevallier Trio (FRA) and Bad Habits
Trio (EST)
28 September at Pärnu Endla Jazz Club: Colunia (FRA) and Titoks (EST)
28 September at Tallinn jazz club NO99: David Chevallier Trio (FRA) and Le CoOn (FRA),
food festival: tastes of France and Estonia.


The first concert will start at 9 p.m. Cafe is open before the concert, you can book a table by
sending an email to ​​ or phoning +372 53309434.

An advance purchase of the ticket can be made from GateMe and tickets are also sold on-site.
Advance purchase ticket price is €15, preferential price is €10, on the spot accordingly €20
and €15. Preferential prices apply to schoolchildren, students, teachers, pensioners, owners of
the Jazz Car Wash loyalty card, members of the Jazz Estonia, and people who visited
the NO99 Theatre the same night.


(Reede) 21:00


NO99 Jazzklubi

Sakala 3, Tallinn