Leedu Jazzliit esitleb: Sheep Got Waxed

11. 05. 2013

Teater NO99 jazzklubi
Sakala 3

Sheep Got Waxed is a spontaneously born musical organism, who`s main driving force – improvisation. The band’s music is full of freedom, power, modern and often unexpected, sometimes awkward outbursts of sound.

Trio based on current and former LMTA jazz department students: sax player Simonas Sipavicius [simon sheep], drummer Adas Gecevicius [ed getz] and guitarist Paulius Vaskas [paul wax], since the autumn of 2010, spent a lot of time in the studio looking for common language, trying to reach the limit of imagination.

In 2011 Sheep Got Waxed performed at various local festivals and clubs, participated in the youth bands competition “Garazas 2011” and won the Audience Award. In the summer travelled around Europe, played in different cities, appeared as a street musicians. The top of the journey – Cosmo Jazz Festival in France. In the autumn they returned to Lithuania, won GRAND PRIX at the “Vilnius Jazz Young Power” competition.

In unison with theatre movement No Theatre, led by director Vidas Bareikis, were involved  in fights without violence. That resulted in November 2012, and the premiere of “Fight Club” (by novel of Chuck Palahniuk) performance saw the daylight. Music performed live during the performances had special attention and had been immortalized on a CD.

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